Dodge raider

The 1988 Dodge RaiderThe 1988 Dodge Raider
BUY IT NOW: Just trying to help my buddy sell his car! Contact Andy for info! Shot + Chopped by: Ryan Cory // Voice ...
Dodge Raider IntroductionDodge Raider Introduction
Introduction on my 1988 Dodge Raider project - 4.3l engine from a 1991 S10 Blazer - a NV4500 5 speed from a mid 1990's Dodge Ram - transfer case & axles ...
1988 Dodge Raider rebuild episode 11988 Dodge Raider rebuild episode 1
Fixing up an old Dodge Raider I found at a junk yard for $180. Has a rod knock, so I started with an engine rebuild. I'll put out video updates as I make progress.
Dodge Raider WheelingDodge Raider Wheeling
1989 Dodge Raider V6 Lifted Crawling in the backwoods of Wheatland.
1988 Dodge Raider G54B rebuild episode 31988 Dodge Raider G54B rebuild episode 3
Today we continue the Raider rebuild working on the Mitsubishi 2.6. I installed new piston heads, replaced the balance shaft bearings, and installed the crank.
Dodge Raider over Chicken RockDodge Raider over Chicken Rock
89 Dodge Raider over Chicken Rock in South Park Canyon in Death Valley National Park.
I Love 80's Commercials Vol 18 - Crappy CarsI Love 80's Commercials Vol 18 - Crappy Cars
I Love 80's Commercials - Old 80's commercials with some of the worst cars of the era. It may look like I'm picking on Dodge a bit, but I'm actually a Mopar fan!
1988 Dodge Raider / Mitsubishi  Pajero / Montero / Shogun1988 Dodge Raider / Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero / Shogun
A brief review of my newly aquired Dodge Raider, which is also known as a Mitsubishi Pajero, SWB Montero,or Shogun. Here I am explaining the vehicle and ...
Putting wheel spacers on the RaiderPutting wheel spacers on the Raider
This is my 1987 Dodge Raider. Follow along as I upgrade replace and rebuild this fun Offroad vehicle.
Messing with the Dodge RaiderMessing with the Dodge Raider
We had a little Christmas adventure, drove all the way from Apple Valley, CA to Big Bear, CA entirely off-road. '89 Dodge Raider 3.0 V-6 4X4, bone stock except ...
V8 Dodge Raider turboV8 Dodge Raider turbo
Texas Speed FI 347 intercooled turbo Dodge Raider.
Rausch Creek Dodge Raider 10-A Milk ShakeRausch Creek Dodge Raider 10-A Milk Shake
John had no problems with his Raider on the Milk Shake.

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